What are your opinions on imperialism?What are your opinions on imperialism?

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I personally feel that imperialism is immoral. However I also don't believe in passing judgement on historical events with moder sensibilities. I like to think I would have been against imperialism then, but I don't know. I am a product of a hopefully more advanced culture.
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The question is vague but imperialism needs to be judged in the context of its time. Ancient civilizations used to see it as their duty to conquer nations weaker than themselves. If they did not, they were considered a failure.

Today, however, the view is typically opposite when focusing on territorial acquisition. The world --at least by theory of the United Nations -- opposes taking over another sovereign nation's territory simply because they are a weaker state. In many cases, the act would lead the opposition of the United States and perhaps even war.

Economic imperialism is different though because of global trade and general economic expansion. While influential economics can be confrontational, it is expected for nations to take advantage of capital. Examine how China has peacefully influenced its own economic situation at the cost of the United States.

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i am against imperialism, i dont believe that a person has to do whatever they are told just because of another person forced them to. im more of an individualist.