What is your opinion on the character and the story Robinson Crusoe?

Expert Answers
gbeatty eNotes educator| Certified Educator

My opinion is that it is a surprisingly good story, given a) how early it comes in the development of the novel, and b) how clunky it is.

By "clunky" I mean that Defoe is kind of primitive in his story construction. At times it seemed like a story written for entertainment, and at other times like he was writing it to teach a moral lesson. I have no trouble with either kind of story, but Defoe slipped back and forth clumsily at times. The religious parts are also a little preachy.

This relates to the character. At times he seems realistic, and other times like he's invented to teach specific moral and political lessons. That said, I really enjoyed reading the book. There is an energy and innocence to it.

amlo | Student

i think that it is a moral tale story with it is cnfirm the good morals endependince,self-examination, hard work

crescent | Student

I really didn't like it ! and besides the great development of Crusoe's faith -which is a good theme - I think he is nothing a but a great example of a racism.