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What is your opinion of photo-logs

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Camera plays a big role in crime scene since it can really tract the evidences that can eventually lead to the solving of the case. Photo-logging is a method of securing the images in a crime by collecting a series of screenshots of different angles of an object or a specific location. The log contains a series of specifications of the photo taken. These include the date and time the picture is taken, photographer, location, type of film, and series of photo frames with specific photo conditions, contents and specifications. It is important because as the time passes, the place of crime is prone to rearrangement thus the details of the evidences may tamper. There are cases for instance that the suspect will try to mislead the investigation by disarranging the probable evidences which includes the fingerprints and other significant ideas. Photos can show the inconsistencies and eventually can help in the formation of probable solution to the cases. If the pictures are not documented properly, it will take much time in solving the case since the photos cannot “speak” clearly in the legal court. 

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