What is your opinion of Lindeman's assumptions on how adults learn?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I tend to think that Lindeman's assumptions about how adults learn are quite valid in the need to draw upon their experiences to make education meaningful.  Lindeman understood that the basic premise of adult education must be to draw upon the experience of the learner in making instruction more meaningful.  Textbooks and regimented forms of learning were too constricting in his assumption of the effectiveness in adult education.  In believing that "experience is the adult learner's living textbook," Lindeman's theories operate on the assumption that the most effective classroom setting for adult education is a cooperative network that helps to activate their experiences as part of the learning process.  

Indeed, Lindeman's assumptions become vitally important in how he saw adult education as a platform for generating social change.  For Lindeman, the community in which adults learn can become an agent of change in a democratic society:   "All successful adult education groups sooner or later become social action groups."  This assumption is one in which  Lindeman sees adult education as a potential vehicle for social change, embracing the life experiences of the learner in order to make the world better.  This assumption is not only empowering, but completely inspiring.  Such assumptions make education for all a moral and ethical imperative.

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