What is your opinion: should more or less resources be used to deal with computer crimes?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is hard for me to say because I do not know the relative amount of resources being spent on computer crimes as opposed to other kinds of crimes.  I also believe that this would be very different for a small town police department as opposed to, for example, the FBI.  That said, I think that computer crime is becoming more important and might need to have more resources devoted to it.  However, much of this will need to be done at the federal level.

As computers and the internet become more and more important, people are more vulnerable to computer crime.  This is particularly true of things like identity theft and, on the corporate level, corporate espionage.  These are things that can be damaging to individuals, to companies, and to the country as a whole.  Therefore, law enforcement needs to be vigilant about such crimes.

However, if is very rare for people in the same city to be committing computer crimes against one another.  It is much more common for such crimes to be conducted across state or even national boundaries.  Therefore, enforcement probably needs to be at the federal, and not the local, level.

Seeing as so much of our life is starting to go into the computer I think we should spend more resources on computer crimes. Technology has obviously changed us money we carry id mo longee in the form of bills all the time its managed by transactions and computers. Crimes that happen on the computer may as well happen in person to us because it makes no difference except for the fact that computers hold alot of our information cybercriminals shlukd recieve punishment. Because robbing a bank electronically and robbing it physically are almost the same thing.

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