What is your opinion about the war in Iraq?What is your opinion about the war in Iraq?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

My opinion is that the war in Iraq was unnecessary and has not done much to help the United States.  It has helped Iraq in some ways, but has also caused many problems in that country was well.

The war didn't need to happen.  Saddam Hussein was not a threat to the United States.  By invading and removing him, we spent huge amounts of American blood and money and accomplished little.  We did save Iraq from tyranny, but in doing so we plunged it into the chaos of a sort of civil war for a number of years.  When we leave, it is not clear that things will not revert to chaos once again and then, perhaps, to rule by a different tyrant.  Or perhaps our removal of Saddam will make Iran more powerful in the region, which is not something we wanted in any way.

The war has not made the US more secure.  Instead, it has killed thousands of our young people and used up billions of our tax dollars.  It was not a good idea.