What is your opinion about Chris Christie's possible candidacy, and the polling results about it?...

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I think the polling numbers actually make a lot of sense, suggesting that many Republicans actually do not want the controversial Governor to run for President, but that he may be more popular in the near term than other Republicans currently in the race.

I think part of this is the general lack of enthusiasm Republican and conservative voters have about the current field of candidates.  Romney is probably the most electable, but does little to excite conservatives, who see him as too moderate, and dislike his health care program in Massachusetts.

I think this is why whenever a new, personable candidate enters the race, they enjoy an instant and sometimes very large bump in the polls.  Rick Perry is a good example.  He seemed like he might be able to unite and excite Republican base voters, but as he was placed under more scrutiny, it seems he is not that electable in a match up against Obama.

In summary, it's not Chris Christie himself that is creating either the excitement for him to run or the opposition against it, it is the electoral situation Republicans and their base find themselves in this late in the game.  It reminds me very much of 2004 and John Kerry vs. George W. Bush.