What is your opinion about genetic engineering? does it have more pros or cons? you can include ethical views and scientific views.

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The ethics of the genetic engineering, to me, have everything to do with the predictability of the outcome. If scientists can accurately and thoroughly predict that the result of genetic experimentation will be safe, I think it is ethical and ok.

Using genetic engineering in food and crops should follow the same ethical criteria. Scientists should be able to predict accurately what the outcome will be with continued use of altered and engineered food and crops before enacting the alterations and passing them on to the public at large.

I would say that genetic engineering has both pros and cons.  The way we use the technology right now has mostly pros (as post 2 pointed out).  We are able to create healing techniques and medicines.  We can even improve our crops to feed our population better.  One of the dangers in this equation is, of course, unforeseen consequences to these actions.  It took nature millinea to develop what humans have changed in a matter of decades or even years. ...

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