What is your opinion about either the Socs or the Greasers?

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Concerning your question about the two social and economic classes featured in The Outsiders, this is really a question you have to answer for yourself.  My answer can't really help you.  My answer reflects my background and my likes and dislikes, not yours.  Here are some things to consider or to be aware of.

First, the story is told from the point of view of Ponyboy and company, of course, since Ponyboy is the narrator.  The reader generally identifies with a story's point-of-view character.  So it is natural that a reader might like or at least identify more with Ponyboy, etc.

But your assignment is really even easier than that suggests.  All you have to do is give your opinion of one of the two groups.  Just ask yourself some questions about whichever group you choose:

  • Who are they and why do they do what they do?
  • Are their reasons justified?
  • What emotions do they reveal?  Or what emotions do they hide?
  • Did you find yourself hoping they would win or lose the rumble?
  • How realistic or life-like are they?
  • What exactly is your opinion of them?

Answering these questions for yourself should make your assignment really easy.  As long as you've read the book you should have no problems.   

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It would be better if you had a more specific question as to what you want opinions about.  But I'll try and I hope it will be useful...

In my opinion, the Socs and the Greasers are both the same.  I kind of like them both and I kind of dislike them both.  I think that both gangs are filling a purpose in the lives of their members.  Both gangs have members who have something wrong with their home lives or have other sorts of issues where they feel they are not wanted.

But they are both kind of bad.  They both feel like it is acceptable to beat one another up just because they are from different groups.  I do not think that this is something that is really acceptable no matter how hard a life you have.  You can surely find acceptance in a group without having to engage in violence.

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