What is your input on the current Cuban status?I beleive that its sad that cuba's government is refusing all of the help that the US is and has been offering for about 2 months now. its not fair...

What is your input on the current Cuban status?

I beleive that its sad that cuba's government is refusing all of the help that the US is and has been offering for about 2 months now. its not fair that the food markets dont have food, its not fair that if you have a way to get the goods and or services you are heavily punished(1-2 weeks in prision and 1050 pesos).

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I believe the Cuban Embargo and other restrictions we have placed on US commerce and interaction with that island are silly leftovers of Cold War pride.  We are the only country in the world with an embargo in place against Cuba, and it has done nothing but strengthen the hand of the Castro regime (and its recent successors) by giving them a boogeyman to blame for the government's failing and the nation's woes.  I think any policy continued for more than half a century without success is probably a good one to reconsider.

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The situation in Cuba is indeed sad.  It is not something that can be taken care of overnight.  The world is changing.  Cuba has been stuck in the past, at the mercy of dictators.  The United States is also stuck in the past, at the mercy of anti-Communist sentiment.  The truth is that we not only trade with China, we covet their investors and import their products by the boatload.  It is time for both sides to drop the posturing and put all of this behind us.

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I believe both the U.S. and Cuba are at fault for this lack of relationship.  I am hoping that if Obama wins the White House, he will look into opening talks with Cuba and trying to repair the huge, huge rift between the two countries.  I do not condone the treatment of people by the government; however, it will not get better as things are!  I am a firm believer in talking with our "enemies" to try to repair rifts.  Refusing to do so gets the U.S. nowhere!

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This is a question which seeks your opinion, and it appears that you have already established one. Speaking historically, however, Cuba's current attitude toward U.S. provision can be traced back 50 years at least. When Fidel Castro rose to power and communism ruled the country (as it still does), the United States started a trade embargo against Cuba, in protest of its citizens' treatment by government officials, largely. The embargo explains why imports like Cuban cigars and other products remain taboo in American society. The current outlook of Cuba is heavily influenced by the events of the past.

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I feel as if our great country, is still trying to pump our chest. The reason why Cuba is rejecting our gifts is because they have too much pride. The US is trying to provide all of these things so that they will look good to other countries. Cuba is recieving supplies from other countries. So they realy don't need our help. Cuba And the United States need to find a commen goal that both countries can work together and look forwords to. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS GAP WE HAVE WITH CUBA! I WOULD LIKE TO GO ON VACATION OVER THERE.