What are your impressions of Momaday's grandmother Aho?

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Because this is a personal question, it is important that you add your own impressions; however, I am certainly willing to let you know my own impressions of Momaday's grandmother, Aho. My impressions are that Aho is a devout member of the Kiowa tribe of Native Americans both in regards to heritage as well as in regards to religion. There are quite a few direct quotations from The Way to Rainy Mountain that led to these impressions.

[Aho] belonged to the last culture to evolve in North America. Her forebears came down from the high country in Western Montana nearly three centuries ago. ... The continental interior [of Rainy Mountain] lay like memory in her blood.

This quotation puts Aho's Kiowa heritage into perspective for the reader. It is an ancient culture revealed by Momaday's...

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