What is your impression of the meeting between Mitch and Blanche?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The overall impression that one gets from the encounter between Mitch and Blanche is awkwardness.  Williams constructs the "boy meets girl" scenario with layers of complexity.  Mitch is a decent guy who lacks the psychological dimensions for someone as complex as Blanche.  It is evident that he is out of his element from a psychological point of view with Blanche.  His desire to want to be more dapper than he actually is, as with the cigarette case, the dancing, and even with his reassurances that all is well, reflects how masquerades exist between individuals when they wish to put their best face forward.  Blanche cannot help but masquerade.  She wishes to be alluring and profound, when it is evident that she is out of her element, as well.  Mitch is a grounded individual, possessing a firm sense of identity.  Blanche is not this.  She seeks to demonstrate that she can attract someone as grounded and sensible as Mitch and her masquerade reflects this.  Both of them are doing a type of masquerade dance, which might explain why their German waltz looks strange.  Each is trying to dance around something that they know prevents full connection and immersion with the other.  It is for this reason that the awkwardness of the moment is one of the distinct impressions that emerges from the initial meeting between Mitch and Blanche.

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