What is your impression of Mayella Ewell? On what are you basing it? What role does Atticus' questions play in forming this impression?

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Mayella Ewell is portrayed as an angry, hostile young woman who is a product of her troubled environment. When Mayella testifies in chapter 18, Atticus begins by courteously referring to her as "ma’am" and calmly asking her questions about her background. Mayella immediately takes offense to Atticus's display of courtesy and reluctantly answers his questions, which illustrate her terrible living situation. The audience initially sympathizes with Mayella because she is solely responsible for raising her siblings, lives with an abusive alcoholic, and has no friends. Mayella also displays her hostility toward Atticus by claiming that he is mocking and disrespecting her by the way he asks his questions.

When Atticus begins to question...

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