After reading The Giver, what is your ideal society?Is your ideal world like the one in the story The Giver?  

Expert Answers
accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

My ideal world is definitely not like the society presented to us in this great novel. Let us be very aware that whilst the society experienced by Jonas and his family and friends is stable, that stability is only achieved through the extinction of normal human emotions such as love, lust, anger and hope that make us who we are as humans. The society that Lowry presents us with in this book really features characters who are profoundly less than human, or almost robots, in the way that they have sacrificed so much of their own will and identity in order to create the so-called "perfect" society.

My ideal society would therefore necessarily have to cope with the idiosyncracies of the human condition and the problems of giving humans free will. It would definitely not try and remove any essential human ingredients from humans, such as the ability to love and make our own choices. I personally would like to see a society develop that is far more in tune with nature and living in harmony with it and one where humans can live in harmony with each other as well, rather than constantly exploiting nature and each other.