What are your general thoughts on how humans learn?

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My thoughts on how humans learn are rooted in my understanding of the human brain, if one defines learning as taking in new ideas or knowledge, maintaining the idea or knowledge, being able to connect it to other ideas or knowledge in a useful or creative way, and being able to apply it in appropriate contexts.  Two principles guide me as I spend my days teaching children and adults, learn.  First, nothing can get into our brains unless it comes through one or more of our five senses.  Second, nothing can "stick" in our brains unless it can connect to something that is already there.  From those two ideas, for me, everything flows.

Our brains have neurons,which are specialized nerve cells.  Even before we are born, we have neurons.  Through means that are far too complex for me to explain here, even if I were competent to do so properly, these neurons interact with one another, through the transmission of chemicals.  Thus, there are paths between and among neurons, and all of...

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