What is your first impression of Clarisse in Fahrenheit 451?

Expert Answers

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When Montag first meets his teenage neighbor, Clarrise McClellan, she comes across as charismatic and thoughtful. Clarisse begins by describing herself as seventeen and "crazy" and proceeds to comment on her affinity for nature, which is surprising to Montag. When Montag looks into her eyes, he sees a mirror image of himself and feels comfortable because of her inviting presence. She then questions Montag about the history of the fireman agency and asks why he laughs when she hasn't made a joke. Montag comments that she is odd, but the reader perceives her as uniquely authentic and curious.

Clarisse goes on to mention that she thinks drivers should slow down on the highways and enjoy the natural scenery. She also tells Montag that she barely watches the parlor walls, enjoys having insightful conversations with her family members, and asks Montag if he is happy before she heads home. Overall, Clarisse is depicted as a genuine, thoughtful girl, who is curious and has an affinity for nature. Her presence is magnetic and she is a breath of fresh air. Her thoughtful questions and sincere nature influence Montag to dramatically change the trajectory of his life.

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