What are your feelings about loyalties of the common people in the tragedy of Julius Caesar?

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gbeatty eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Well, my feelings and your feelings might be very different, but I mostly feel sad. Why? Because the common people seem to genuinely care for Caesar, but can't think particularly clearly. As a result, the rulers of Rome can whip them into a frenzy and point the mob in whatever direction they want. (At least Mark Anthony can, and I assume other good speakers could.)


halola4 | Student

i think ,they are not loyal to anyone .they are changable people

bwfore,they appeared as loyal to pompey n celeberated his victory and then ceasar defeated him.after ceasar victory over him, they came chanting and cheering ceasar name.they are easily changed and influenced .anyone can change them ,their minds are in their ears.

revolution | Student

I felt that they common people in Rome are very loyal to Julius Caesar and their loyalty is unquestionable. They had  played no part or participate in any of the treachery to cause the tragic death of him. They are very caring towards him and would follow his every rule and not rebelled or fight back against it, they would simply do as they are told.

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