What is your favourite character in the story To Sir, With Love and why?What is your favourite character in the story To Sir, With Love and why?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Well, for me, I like the rather eccentric Mr. Florian, who, as the headmaster of the alternative school where the author works, shows himself to be refreshingly different in terms of his educational philosophy. In today's educational world of government requirements, tables and figures it is very hard to hold on to the enthusiasm and love of teaching, but this is something that Mr. Florian manages to do with excellent success. Note only does he do this, but he also shows the way that he is able to take into account the kind of socio-economic backgrounds of his students and to make allowances for this:

"First of all we must appreciate that hte total income of many of htese families is quite insufficient to provide for them the minimum of food, warmth and dry shelter necessary for good health."

Many teachers are only aware of the school lives of their students, and are not able or willing to try to understand the often very difficult home situations from which they come from. In all of this Mr. Florian emerges from the text as a passionate, loving and caring individual who has not lost the "spark" that brought him into teaching in the first place and genuinely cares about his charges.

mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mrs. Dale-Evans, who is the Domestic Science teacher, is a droll woman who relates well to the students.  Her introduction,

"Mine's Dare-Evans, Mrs. Grace Dale-Evans.  The hyphen is very important, especially when I use it to impress my grocer in the middle of the month."

Just as she does not take herself seriously, she quips aloud about the other teachers as she introduces Braithwaite to the others in the faculty room in Chapter 2.

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