What is your favorite video game(s)? Don't forget to say why! Also, got any game suggestions? My favorite genre is RPG, but I am open to any and all games and game types!

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that it is to be expected that you will many different responses here. The emergence of video games has taken different forms and feature so many different levels of appeal.  One element that I have come to admire about video games is how they have evolved.  For example, my favorite genre is sports video games.  Seeing how games like Madden Football have evolved from the late 1980s to present day is amazing.  This same evolution has been present in all types of sports games.  From the mid 1980s, where baseball games like Hardball and Micro League Baseball were seen as "cutting edge" to the modern setting where MLB '14- The Show has transformed the capacity of what sports gaming can be, the development on all levels of sports video games is impressive.  While my favorite genre is sports games, I find myself amazed with how video games themselves have transformed the expectations of what can be done in a digital gaming format.

This same evolution and advancement is evident in the Role Playing Genre (RPG.)  When we consider in the mid- 1980s, The Legend of Zelda came on the video game scene and contrast that to what is available today, the advancement of the genre is evident.  Part of this evolution resides in the primacy placed on the technical elements that can enhance a game.  For example, video games were never seen as domains to showcase advancements in  music, photography, story, and voice- over.  However, in modern RPG games, there is enough technical attention paid to these and other considerations to put them on the same level as filmmaking.  It is in this regard where the advancement of video games has moved into a realm of art and digital design. I think that this advancement, similar to the evolution in sports video games, is where the RPG genre has grown the most.  In the end, the digital advancement of gaming to a point where barriers of what can be have become replaced with what is and new horizons await is what makes video games such a divergent and powerfully alluring entity.

wismer-aryeh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

     The wonderful story telling of point and click adventure games like Gabriel Knight, Police Quest, Kings Quest, Space Quest, Myst, The Longest Journey, Sam and Max may never come again after Sierra was absorbed, merged and sold having produced no decent games since 1995. Jane Jensen has confirmed a sequel to Gabriel Knight which is promising although it won't ever again have the gloriously grainy style. Although story based games where you essentially click though a movie are rampant, usually with little choice or puzzle solving such as Asuras Wrath and Heavenly Sword where reflexes and mini games have replaced story telling and character development. Some recent resurgence of this style of game includes such bastions of imagination as Deponia, similar in style to the original Monkey Islands games.

kidak8500 | Student

The only RPG games that I have played have been Corpse Party and Mad Father. The story for the two games are very interesting especially in Corpse Party because there are multiple storylines that occur during the game (the characters are all in the same building but different dimensions) that all come together at the end. In Mad Father I enjoyed the different puzzles throughout the game and found it increasingly engaging, especially with how the plot would unravel with it.

I think the most interesting games that I have played are both of the Five Nights at Freddy's games, PT (amazing teaser to Silent Hill), and Stick RPG. Both Five Nights at Freddy's games contain a lot of really good jumpscares combined with the simplicity of the game which terrify me and at the same time make me want to play them more. PT has a good storyline that follows the murder of a family while you attempt to solve different puzzles with different jumpscares from a female ghost; this game gets increasingly difficult to a near impossibility towards the end. I think you can probably tell that I enjoy scaring myself half to death. Stick RPG is a simple and fun game revolving around a stick figure that you train and attempt to make stronger, gain intelligence to have a better job, invest money, and so on; it sounds a bit difficult but it's very simple and amusing and it just makes me laugh at different times.

Other than those the only games that I really play are Bloons, I've attempted to play Outlast though I haven't gotten very far in the game, and the Sims (one of my favorites when I have the time).

PrunTuns | Student

Although I don't have a name favorite, I particularly enjoy any type of video game with engaging, memorable plot and characters. My childhood genre is FPS (first-person shooter), but nowadays I enjoy 8-bit RPGs, such as the ones that kidak8500 mentioned (but I especially enjoy the charm and creepiness of "Ib"). I've provided a Wikipedia link on some background into 8-bit games. 

I find it interesting that the 8-bit games I've played have been more memorable than some of the games with more realistic graphics. I think this goes to show the impact that good storytelling, characters, and music can have on an audience. It's not all about the "best" visuals. Having ultra-realistic graphics can be a wow factor, but unless the plot and other components are great as well, the game can become boring quickly. 
jasmine sohal | Student

shade the game of wrath 

st-2 | Student

My Favorite game is mario cart on wii, because itlets me de stress and have fun without thinking

malkaam | Student

My all time favorite games in RPG would be Assassin's Creed black flag and tomb raider, Shadow of Mordor, Skyrim, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and a lot more that I don't remember right now. GTA 4 is supposed to be good but I haven't played it yet. Apart from RPG you can also try strategy games, best ones in strategy for me would be anno 1404 and Age of empires 3, I know it's 10 years old but trust me it's pretty good. You can also try Assassin's creed unity I haven't played it but only because my graphics card needs a massive upgrade, and Assasin's creed rogue will come out in Feb I guess. If you like life simulation games you can try sims 3.

 If you like first person shooter then Borderlands and Dishonored, and above I've mentioned life simulation games with sims 3 being the best in it, sims 4 is out as well but the third part is a whole lot better than the fourth, and the third part has many expansion packs that you can check out. 

For information about all the latest games you can check out www.ign.com.

ssandhu05 | Student

My favorite games are the ones that I used to play from a really long time ago, if you don't mind them. For the PS2, I used to play Dark Cloud, Beyond Good and Evil, Jack 3, various Crash Bandicoot games, and tons of racing games. For the XBox 360, I used to play Kameo, Mass Effect 2, MineCraft, Blur, and Halo. I liked playing these games because there was some kind of action and excitement to playing these games, not to mention they were entertaining.

serwel413 | Student

Now that I am thinking about it, I have many favorite games, like minecraft, Legend on Zelda, Corpse Party etc etc. Actually those would be my top three since:

1. They are all fun to play AND can be watched on youtube

2. I like the ideas that the creators all had, especially Corpse Party since its AnImE! XDXD :33

I personally like Ocarina of Time, and Windwaker from The Legend of Zelda. I also like Super Smash Bros. too since it has Link and all the other classic characters like Mario and Luigi.

Minecraft is fun since its like a sandbox filled with awesome cubes. It can get boring at sometimes but that why they have the awesome idea of mods and servers, especially them COMBINED!

Oh, and we cant forget about the amazingly, terrifying Five Nights at Freddy's!  People say the animatronic characters are creepy, but I would say that they are KAWAII DESU! (VERY CUTE) I love how TheLivingTombstone makes those really catchy songs such as, Five Nights at Freddy's and Its Been So Long. If you don't know what FNAF is I shall explain it to you HUZZAH!

You are the night time security guard at Freddy Fazbears Pizza, which has been shut down but bought back to life. The 5 children got murdered by a guy who leaves you messages on how to survive the night without getting stuffed into an animatronic suit filled with wires that can kill you. This guy is known as "Purple Guy" since he is the same guy from the death minigames that kills the children who is purple.  Anything else can be explained by The Games Theorists.

Game Theory FNAF 1: http://youtu.be/th_LYe97ZVc

Game Theory FNAF 2: http://youtu.be/d1kw1RmzrPc

Corpse Party: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corpse_Party

Legend of Zelda: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Legend_of_Zelda

Minecraft: https://minecraft.net/

SSB: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Smash_Bros.