what is your favorite robert frost poem that rhymes?What is your favorite Robert Frost poem that rhymes?

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My favorite Robert Frost poem that rhymes is "The Rose Family." Like many other Frost poems, it seems so simple at the first reading but after some analysis there are some really brilliant things going on. I think the poem ultimately explores the concept of beauty--how we define it and how  we choose what is beautiful and what is not.

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"Death of a Hired Man," is an incredible narrative poem. The language is simply used, but it is used in a deep and connotative way. It doesn’t rhyme, but some of the others don’t eitherJ

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I also love "Nothing Gold Can Stay," and I use it as a tie-in to "The Outsiders," an SE Hinton novel where the poem plays a central role.

Plus, this poem gives students the opportunity to speculate about its true meaning. It is surprising the many different ways students see the poem and its underlying meaning.

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I love "Nothing Gold Can Stay". I use it as a jumping-off point for an argumentation essay. I have students pick a side--do you agree with Frost that nothing gold can stay?

I also use it as a prompt for an "imitation poem". I give students a topic--for example--family, best friend, school lunches--it can be anything.

I have them use that poem as a model to write their own poem using his sentence structure and rhyme scheme.

So deceivingly simple!

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I also like "Two Tramps in Mud Time."  It has a clear rhyme scheme, but is also really deep in its message.  Rather than just describing the beauty of woods on a snowy evening, it goes into the intrinsic value of work, and the rewards that come from laboring for oneself.  It's in the Platinum Edition of Prentice Hall Literature, if your school uses that.  Or, you can probably find it by going to www.askusnow.info (Maryland Library System Ask-a-librarian)  Click to chat and ask for a copy of the poem; they'll hook you up!

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A poem I think is clever in the way this it uses rhyme is "Fire and Ice."   "Dust of Snow" is another lesser known poem that makes interesting use of rhyme.  I read "Cow in Apple Time" when I was in high school; we had many cows and apple trees at the school, so this poem, which many not have any subtle meanings, has been a favorite for personal reasons.  I also like "After Apple Picking," probably for the same reason.

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"Acquainted with the Night" is my favorite because of the beautiful melancholy and poignancy that connects to the emotions of the reader.  Frost understands.

Also, I enjoy the narrative of "Mending Wall."  The first line has appealing rhythm and thought:  "Something there is that doesn't love a wall"

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All of Robert Frost's poems are magnificent in there very own ways. They all have ways of drawling you in so you can put yourself in the characters position. My personal favorite of Robert Frost's poems is "Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening". The reason for this is because there is so many ways to interpret this poem and its inner meanings. It brings to life a whole other way in the process of thinking in a low situation. It makes you ponder about how many other people in the world have been driven into this state of mind. With picking a favorite out of all of these amazing poems you'll come to find this an almost impossible situation.