What is your favorite play, movie, or TV show?Write a review about it. Goal: Give an objective analysis of the value of the work in question and explain how you came to your conclusion.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It seems to me that this particular prompt is fairly direct, provided you approach it as analysis, not misguided opinion. I would approach it in terms of identifying a play, movie, or show with which you have a great deal of familiarity.  Then, in a sequential manner address its main idea, characters, setting, and other elements of literature.  I would then discuss what about this particular item fascinates you.  This is where some level of emotion combined with analysis is needed.  For example, if your favorite tv show is "The Office," you might want to talk about how you enjoy the interplay between office colleagues and how the show depicts different personalities in unique ways.  If you favorite play is "Waiting for Godot," you might want to talk about how the simplicity of staging and the complexity of theme represents something that really fascinates you.  These are mere examples.  When you are writing the review, after you outline the basics to give the audience familiarity with the topic, you have to personalize it, to a certain extent.  The last component would be to determine the "value" of the work.  You can take this in different ways.  For my part, I would talk about how this particular play, movie, or TV show impacts the overall dialogue within the genre.  For example, if your favorite film was "Slumdog Millionaire," I would discuss that its value is how the film recasts the traditional notion of India in the modern setting.  It's not that Indians break out into song and dance every five minutes (except the ending.)  Yet, rather the "new India" is one that strongly parallels the West.  The film is a new voice in the dialogue of "What does it mean to be Indian in the 21st century."  The whole notion of value lies in being able to prove why this particular work sample has meaning to you and why it is meaningful in its genre.  It's two fold and I believe both parts have to be addressed.

jackson9838 | Student

I always like to watch TV Shows and my fav TV Show is Burn Notice..

pratik5 | Student

I like Doctor Who TV Show too mcuh. This show is related to sci-fi drama. According to me every one should watch this TV Show in their life to get knowledge.