How is the color purple created?I LOVE PURPLE !! 

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You create the color purple by mixing equal parts red and blue.  Red and blue are primary colors.  The other primary color is yellow.  Purple is a secondary color.  A secondary color is created by mixing two primary colors. 

The color purple is associated with royalty, mystery, wisdom and magic. (see second link)

The other secondary colors are green, which is mixed from yellow and blue, and orange, mixed from yellow and red.  You can make the secondary colors darker or lighter.  By adding white, to make it lighter, you can create lavender.  You can create other shades of purple by adding more of either of the primary colors blue or red. 

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OMG ive been asking what is your favorite color about 2 times and they still change my question so when you see this please say your favorite color too !!

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Now seeing that you asked what peoples' favorite colors are rather than how to make your favorite color, I would have to say my favorite color is either a deep red or a color called 'peacock blue.' I really enjoy very stunning colors in general. Something that stands out a lot whether bright and out there like neon colors or deep intense shades such as reds are very like-able in my book.