What is your favorite aspect of life?I've found myself wondering this alot lately.

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My favorite aspect of life right now is doing things on my own. I went to school for a long time, working all along. I got out right as the eonomy was tanking, and it took me years to get settled. Now I feel like I have arrived. I am successful, financially independent and happy.
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My favorite aspect of life is my deeply held personal belief that no matter how chaotic life might seem, I know God is in control. I am aware that I am part of a greater plan. So when I'm in the classroom, and they all seem to be experiencing their "jerk" or "apathetic" moments, I know that my behavior is effecting change. I need to be mindful then that it is a positive change and not a negative one.

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Right now, my favorite aspect of life is watching my children grow up.  It is a fascinating process even though it is somewhat nerve-wracking since I have to worry about mistakes they might make, problems they might encounter, etc.  It is amazing to watch them grow up and learn new things.  It is a great feeling to see one of them swim for the first time, or do a cartwheel for the first time, stuff like that.  So right now, my favorite thing is enjoying my kids as they grow.

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My favorite aspect of life is the ability to share what I have with those who need it!  Not just sharing my used clothing, but my skills and my knowledge with those who have not had the chance to go to school.