In "How I Met My Husband," what is your attitude toward Edie, the narrator—sympathy, condescension, disapproval, or something more complicated? Explain.

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At the beginning of the story, the reader sort of sympathizes with Edie’s naïvety. She is only fifteen years old, has been to high school for a period of about one year, and is working for the Peebleses, as a house help. Since she comes from a poor background, she has never before used electric appliances such as the automatic washer and dryer and has to learn how to use these at her place of work. When her mistress is away from the house, she spends her time trying out some of her gowns and makeup. Also, she is shy and does not know how to respond to advances or even simple compliments from people of the opposite sex.

It is naïve of her to expect to receive letters from Chris. It is also naïve of her to think that intimacy means “lying together with a man on a cot and kissing.” While the reader may also disapprove of her behavior, it is clear that the young lady is also struggling with the turbulence of puberty, and very much needs a shoulder to lean on. This may be the reason...

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