What are your thoughts, questions or connections while reading the book Chocolate War? (but only the in the begining of the story)

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When reading the introductory chapters of the Chocolate War you might be asking as a reader:

1. What kind of person is this Jerry Renault who takes so much pounding and abuse and yet stays the course?

2. What does this first chapter have to do with determinism, free will, and a war of chocolates?

3. Have I ever been in a similar situation where I've had to take "my lumps" and stay the course?

4. Who is this Archie and who is this Obie that they wield so much power and influence in the school"

5. Are there secret societies around and are there secret societies in my circles?

6. How is life sad and how is it sh@t, according to Archie and Goober?

There are any number of questions and extensions you could entertain with this novel. I hope these get you started.

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