What you think the speaker means by "the silence of this morning / which I have broken with my pen" and "the poorer silence now" in Billy Collins's poem "Silence"?

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The lines quoted appear in the last two stanzas of Billy Collins’s poem “Silence.” The speaker primarily uses the literary device of anaphora, which is a particular type of repetition. In Collins’s use, similar though not identical phrases about “silence” appear at the beginning of every stanza in the poem. The effects of anaphora may be to unify a poetic composition and to arouse emotion, as well as create rhythm and flow within the work.

In this poem, in four stanzas, the speaker establishes many different kinds of silence. Some of them are associated with stillness and quiet, and occur in nature: for example, “the silence of the orchid” and “the silence of the moon.” Others strongly evoke the temporary calm that comes before an...

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