what you think obama's new administration has accomplished so far or has not asscomplished?What you think Obama's new administration has accomplished so far or has not accomplished?

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scarletpimpernel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would take issue with some of the "accomplishments" from Post 4.  Obama cannot be credited with "saving" GM and all the jobs that went with it.  I'm from a GM town (Flint, MI), and it's not clear that any jobs were saved.  What is clear is that "all the jobs that went with it" were certainly not saved.  For example, numerous dealerships in Flint and across the nation were forced to shut down. There was seemingly no rhyme or reason as to which GM dealership in a town would close--it was certainly not based on success and sales, because several of the most successful dealerships in the Flint area were forcefully shut down.  Another point to make is that Ford made it just fine without bailout money, and in fact, is doing better financially than GM and Chrysler who took bailout money.

So far, I haven't seen any benefit from Health Care "Reform." In fact, my premiums went up and are scheduled to rise again--wasn't one of the main reasons for health care reform to make health care more affordable?  No one knows where the money will come from to pay for the millions of uninsured individuals who are supposed to be covered in upcoming years.

How has the President stared down North Korean belligerence (oh, I forgot about Bill Clinton going over and then Jimmy Carter to free American prisoners)? It seems that we've given Kim Jong-Il what he wants.  He asked for President Clinton to come, and he did.  Who knows what was promised behind closed doors for the release of the prisoners, all while Kim Jong-Il publicly mocks our Secretary of State.

Similarly, how has our image with other nations been restored? The BP fiasco and Obama's handling of it, among other issues, has hurt our relationship with England.  Trouble has been brewing for months between Karsai in Afghanistan and the Obama administration. Guantanamo Bay is still open, and other countries have been outspoken about not wanting to take the prisoners--this was supposed to be one of the President's key strategies in improving our image.  And our relationship with Israel has been tenser recently than it has been in previous years.

Finally, the President cannot possibly take credit for removing all combat troops from Iraq.  They would not have been able to come home if it were not for the surge of 2007 which Obama vehemently opposed.  Additionally, he voted against funding those same combat troops.  My husband was in Iraq for 18 months in 2005-2006 and then again with the surge in 2007-2008.  He said that the difference in the country for his second deployment was marked--again, because of the surge.


The President has done an excellent job of setting an example as a responsible and caring father and husband.  No one can deny that he truly seems to enjoy spending time with his wife and daughters, and it's been refreshing to see a young, close family in the White House. I don't think that this should be overlooked because it cannot be easy to have the weight of the country on one's shoulders while trying to raise two young girls.

He appointed a respected, capable leader (Petraeus) to take over in Afghanistan.  While that is an extremely difficult situation, I know that the President and all Americans hope that we can not only halt some of the spread of terrorism over there but that we can also leave the country better than it was when we arrived.

I think that the jury will be out for a while on all of the other major issues.  Undeniably, the President is facing more pressing issues than possibly any other President in recent times.  Not only are we at war, but we've been hit by domestic problems (the economy, unemployment, the oil spill, natural disasters), and the situation on the border seems to be turning into an increasingly dangerous one.  I hope that the President can make some headway in the next couple of years.


brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would have to say Congress has been polarized (as has much of the country) since 1994.

Obama has passed major, meaningful health care reform - first time in over 40 years.

He has removed all combat troops from Iraq, as promised

He and Congress stabilized the banking system

Saved General Motors and all the jobs that went with it

Invested in our national infrastructure in the largest way since the Interstate Highway Act of 1957

Passed finance reform to try and prevent a repeat of the 2007 meltdown

Restored America's image among our allies and around the world

Has stared down North Korean belligerence

Improved the Supreme Court's representation by appointing two women

What he still needs to work on:

A way out of Afghanistan

Mideast Peace

Economic Recession (double dip?)

Energy independence

Immigration reform

Social Security solvency

Medicare solvency

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is purely opinion, of course.

To me, the Obama Administration (with help from the Bush Administration) has prevented the recession from becoming really bad.  I think the bailout and stimulus helped with this.  At the same time, it has created a huge national deficit and added to the debt.  You can judge for yourself which is more important.

The administration has gotten the health care reform passed.  I think it was not as revolutionary as it needed to be in terms of cutting the cost of medical care, but that has yet to be seen because it has not really come into effect yet.

The administration has not really made any headway with the war in Afghanistan.  That one seems to be going very badly and it is not clear that there is a good way out.

Finally, the administration has given rise to the Tea Party movement.  Enough people are angry enough about the size of the government and the deficit to become very politically involved.

Lori Steinbach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Again, this is opinion.  What has already been outlined is essentially correct, and I would add a few more.

He has appointed two women to the Supreme Court, making this the most women ever on the Court.

He has polarized the Congress in ways which I don't ever quite remember seeing in my lifetime.  Many votes on many issues have been split exactly, or nearly exactly, down party lines. 

He has appointed more people of ethnicity to Cabinet and other high-ranking positions than any President ever has, I believe.

What I find most intriguing--and disturbing, if the truth be known--is the unexpected resurgence of race as a divisive issue in America.  I think there weregreat hopes that once Obama became President, race relations would improve.  Instead, it seems as if things are regressing a bit, though I hope I'm wrong. 


litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Obama's administration has made grade progress in the war in Iraq, and found Osama bin Laden. The war has moved to Afghanistan, where it belonged in the first place. Obama has also attempted to get the banks to work with homeowners to prevent foreclosures, and I hope this is something he does accomplish.
austo87 | Student

PS. #2 Post:

when you pump trillions of dollars into the system, using the FED Reserve (which is a private bank) of course you will stall the falling economy. This just makes the end that much more worse than it would have been if we did nothing. Get yourself educated to the money supply and learn the true definition of INFLATION. It is coming. No argument about it.


Once we lose "Reserve currency status" its game over boys and girls. You think paying 3.70(diesel for me) a gallon is bad, OOOHHH just wait til we are paying what the rest of the world is paying for oil. We have the sweet advantage that the sale and purchase of oil is done in US DOLLARS. When OPEC goes off the PetroDollar prices are going to move much much higher. Again, educate yourself on what Russia and China are doing right now; going to start trading Oil using local currencies.

austo87 | Student

To say this current administration was successful in ending the war in Iraq is purely misleading. Since Obama no longer calls a "war", a "war" it is now referred to as Kenetic action. How he thinks is any different from a war is beside me.

the US has THE LARGEST EMBASSY IN THE WORLD in Iraq. Took nearly 1 billion to build and costs a 100million a year to operate. Not to mention the thousands of thousands of "secuirty" personnel that are still in Iraq.



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