What do you think Equality's main motivation is for creating his new invention? Explain.  

Expert Answers

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Equality and his fellow brothers have all been kept ignorant of the past of this dystopian society, which was once technologically advanced with cars and electricity. Equality has been educated to think that the world is flat and that his collective society is the right way to live and govern others.  So when Equality discovers electricity in the underground tunnels, he feels that for once he will do something useful for his society by bringing them knowledge and “light.” His job as a street sweeper suppresses his abilities as one of the smartest among his fellow brothers. Equality's motivation is that he thinks he will be able to lift this society out of the dark ages into which it voluntarily regressed after a great war where all knowledge and books were burned. Equality’s intentions were honorable, and he acted for the good of the community in taking electricity to the elders. It’s ironic that the invention would have made life better for his brothers, but he is denied the opportunity to really give back and advance the lives of those oppressed by the society.

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