What are you opinions and what do you think about bullying?  You can also share some stories about bullying. The reason I'm asking is because the issue of bullying is more than just a problem to me, it's a BIG deal.

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Bullying is the use of force or intimidation to abuse others. It is a way to obtain social power by threatening, or using physical power, or by verbal or emotional abuse against someone because of their ability, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation or some other reason. It is never okay to bully someone. In the United States, laws against bullying exist. There can be one-on-one bullying, or a group whereby the bully has other people to assist him or her. It is a type of peer abuse. Sometimes, the others will help the bully because they are relieved they are not being bullied. If bullying is occurring in your school, you must tell your teacher, guidance counselor, administrator, parent or social worker. It is simply not acceptable. Chronic bullying can lead to the victim feeling isolated, alone, suicidal, or they may have thoughts of revenge. Therefore, it is important to get an adult involved to help correct the situation before it gets out of hand.

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