What do you learn about the Kiowa people from the way that they respond to the end of their traditional lifestyle?

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From the way that they respond to the end of their traditional lifestyle, we learn that the Kiowas were a proud, resilient, and courageous people. They fought to defend their heritage and way of life. We also learn that although the Kiowas were skilled warriors, they had little inclination for prolonged, unrelenting warfare.

The text tells us that the Kiowas, in "alliance with the Comanches," were among the "finest horsemen the world had ever known." To the Kiowas, warfare was "preeminently a matter of disposition rather than of survival." As a people, the Kiowas were little accustomed to grappling with the logistics of prolonged warfare against a determined enemy.

Even though they could not stem the tide of advancing cavalry soldiers, the Kiowa warriors still fought bravely. The tribe surrendered to the United States Army at Fort Sill, but they never forgot their fierce heritage on the plains. 

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