What if you neither agree nor disagree with abortions, how could you start your thesis statement on a paper regarding the topic?

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When writing an argumentative essay, the topic statement does reflect the state of mind/point of view of the author. However, when the author feels ambivalent about a specific topic, the best choice to make is to focus on the controversial nature of the topic first, and on your opinion second. This way when your opinion comes out in the topic statement your reading audience will understand better why it is that you have a dichotomy in opinion.

First, write a sentence stating the topic of abortion is so resonant in society that it has actually divided it into two major groups: pro-life (anti-abortion) and pro-choice (supporters). But, what happens when some members of the public do not approve of abortion as a common practice, but still feel that it may be a solution to an extreme situation? Although the thought of abortion carries with it moral, social, and ethical considerations, it should not be ruled out as an extreme intervention to be utilized during desperate circumstances that affect a woman either physically or psychologically. Even when opinions are ambiguous, there are enough valid reasons to understand why. This could very well be your entire first paragraph

Ex: "The controversial nature of abortion elicits conflicting views in individuals who prefer to look at both sides of the issues rather than becoming blindsided" In a society divided between being pro-life or being pro-choice , there are still some of us (if you can use first person) who view hot topics such as abortion on a case-by-case situation. 

In your second paragraph, you start your evidence. Start with why it is understandable to be pro-life. Explain that the reason why people may believe in being pro-life is because of the implication of ending human life, or because of cruelty, etc. State your own reasons. Explain each reason and correlate them to why those reasons lead to be pro-life.

In your next paragraph, write about being pro-choice. Again, explain what factors lead people to be pro-choice. State legislation, the rights of women to do as they wish with their own bodies, recent research on early abortions, etc. Explain the factors, correlate them, and move on to your third paragraph which mixes those evidences with your own opinion again. This could work as a counterargument.

Your next paragraph is the counterargument. You may want to state that people who choose to be blindsided to a topic as controversial as abortion may be missing a lot of facts. Hence, support the fact that it is best to maintain an open mind and a listening ear. It is best to have something available and never use it, than needing it and not having it.

Next, talk about the solution to your issue: explain that it is alright to have conflicting views because it is not about being indecisive about the topic; it is about keeping an open mind to accept facts and apply them to one's critical thinking.

Finally, do your conclusion. Go back to your opening statement, where you asked what happens with the people who have conflicting thoughts about abortion. Now, since you presented enough evidence, you can safely argue in favor of your thesis: it is perhaps better to be flexible enough to hear both sides of one issue than choose to be blinded by emotion and not considering the potential of such issue if seen from a different light.