What is the year? When would this be, using our present dating system?Chapter 1

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Both of the links below provide the date 2495 as the answer to your question, along with a more detailed description about how the numbers worked out that way. The summary has the best explanation since it starts the count from Henry Ford's birthday in the 1800s and adds 632 years from that date to ours. The novel is based on the year 632 A.F. or after Ford so the calculations seem to work. The essay link also included below discusses the setting of the novel within that time period. It is as if there is an alternate universe from Ford's life to the society we read about in the novel. Reading the novel seventy years after it was published is certainly from a different perspective than those who read it in 1931. We can look back now and see seventy years of technological advancement and wonder where Huxley got his crazy ideas or wonder how he came so close to picturing the scientific realities of today (i.e. cloning).

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