In what year was the Roman Empire at its height?

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larrygates eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Empire reached its greatest extent during the reign of the Spanish Emperor Trajan in 117 A.D. Trajan added Mesopotamia to the Empire as well as portions of Arabia and Jordan, and destroyed the last of the old Seleucid Persian Empire. He would have extended the Empire further; but he died returning from his last crusade. He had previously said in a letter to the Roman Senate that he would like to match or exceed the accomplishments of Alexander the Great, but he was too old to do so. Because of his military accomplishments, Trajan was awarded the title of Dacicus Maximus (the great victor in Dacius". )Sadly, the Empire entered a state of decline shortly before his death when the Jews of the Eastern Empire and others rebelled. Trajan was forced to withdraw his troops, and fell ill before he could put down the rebellion. He died from edema while en route back to Rome.  


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117 A.D.

look at the link its a map