What year was the cytoplasm dicovered and also who discovered it? Who elso discovered what parts?

giorgiana1976 | Student

The cell was discovered by Robert Hooke in 1665 that made studies on strains of cork using a microscope.
Cell theory was first sets out by M. Schleiden and T. Schwann in 1839.
Cytoplasm's discovery was in 1831, by Robert Brown, and in 1874 received the actual name: cytoplasm. Cytoplasm, a component of prokaryotic cell, occupying almost the whole cell area, is a complex mixture of perfect solutions and colloidal minerals and organic substances, dissolved in water. Cytoplasm not possess a cytoskeleton protein, composed of microtubules and micro filaments and not have plasma currents. It is characterized by Colloidal gel permanent condition which excludes the existence of cytoplasmic stream and provides maintenance core structure which is not membrane limited.

Remarkable is the fact that the nature of the substances catabolized is very great and can metabolize toxic substances such as rubber, asphalt, oil, detergents, etc..

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