What year is Margaret Atwood's short story "True Trash" set in? 

Expert Answers
seaofknowledge eNotes educator| Certified Educator

True Trash begins in 1970 and then moves to 1980. The story is told from different time frames and in a way, aims to show us how things and perspectives change over time.

True Trash is about Donny who is at a summer camp and has interest in the waitresses who serve him and the other boys at the camp. When Donny was a young adolescent at the camp, he saw women's bodies and viewed them as objects as did the other boys. But when he's older, he's able to see beyond their physical form and who they are as people. 

Margaret Atwood uses different time frames and different perceptions in the short stories in this book, Wilderness Tips. "True Trash" refers to the magazines that the waitresses used to read at the camp.