In what year did the Trojan War begin?

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The Trojan War was a war fought between the city of Troy on Asia Minor and Mycenaean Greece that was chronicled in Homer's Illiad.  The historicity of the Greek poet's account has been fiercely debated for centuries. Over the years, historians drew the conclusion that the account was thought to be one of legend only.  Archaeologists in recent years have contradicted that claim.  Excavations at Troy VII in Turkey in recent years have indicated that a war of some type may have taken place and the city was destroyed in 1180 BC.  Geological studies of the area that began in 1977 and concluded in 2001 also seem to corroborate some parts of Homer's account.  Traditional dating of the Trojan War is consistent with the ten year conflict that was described in the Illiad. Modern dating of the conflict has it beginning in 1284 BC.  

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