In what year did the Little Rock Nine graduate?  

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The integration of Little Rock Central High School is a dramatic story of nine African-American students that were forced to the front lines of the fight for school integration in the American South. A little over three years after the Supreme Court ruled segregation in schools unconstitutional, the issue garnered national attention again when Arkansas's governor refused to integrate. Under the direction of Dwight D. Eisenhower, National Guard troops were sent to Little Rock, Arkansas to force the integration of Central High School. The date was September 25, 1957.

Getting up in the morning to go to school is a task for any adolescent. Imagine getting ready for school in the morning with the knowledge that physical harm could come to you when you arrive. Such was the challenge for these nine students in Arkansas. Despite the obstacles placed in front of them, the students prospered and graduated with a diploma. Because the nine students were different ages, and the Little Rock schools were closed the next school year, the students graduated in different years. Below are the nine students and the years they graduated.

  • Ernest Green, 1958
  • Elizabeth Eckford, 1959
  • Jefferson Thomas, 1960
  • Terrence Roberts, 1959
  • Carlotta Walls LaNier, 1960
  • Minnijean Brown, 1959
  • Gloria Ray Karlmark, 1959
  • Thelma Mothershed, 1959
  • Melba Patillo Beals, 1959
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