What is x? Y= x+99 Z= x+200 And has to be equal to a square number

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`y=x+99 z=x+200`

`therefore y=x+200` and `y=x+99 z` and `x+99z=x+200`  from the given information. We first solve for z:

`x+99z=x+200 `

`therefore x-x+99z=200 `

`therefore 99z=200 `

`therefore z=200/99` and substituting into `y=x+99z` we get

`y=x+99(200/99)` (note that `99 times 200/99 = 200` )

`y=x+200` which we already have.

As this is the same equation leaving us with y=x+200 =x+200,  we can only solve for x in terms of y:

`therefore x=y-200` . Other than that we cannot obtain a value for x without additional information.

Ans: x=y-200