What is x if (x-1)/3=2?

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if (x-1)/3=2

then you should first multiply both sides by 3 to get x-1=6

if x-1=6, add one to both sides to find the value of x, thus getting your answer.

therefore, x=7.

you can use the method above for more than just this question, apply it to other mathematical questions that are like this and it should work.

hope that helped.

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First, we need to shift the term from the right side to the left side, such as:

(x-1)/3 - 2 = 0

Before subtracting the terms, they need to have a common denominator, which is 3:

(x - 1 - 6)/3 = 0

We'll cancel the numerator:

x - 7 = 0

We'll add 7 both sides:

x = 7

The requested value of x is x = 7.