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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The only answers that you will be able get for this will define one variable in terms of the other variable.  In other words, you will not be able to come up with an answer like x = 1 or anything like that.

To find for x, you have to get the y term to the other side.  To do that, you add 3y to each side.  That gets you

x = 3y + 2

That's your answer for X.

To find for y, first get the x to the other side by subtracting x from both sides.

-3y = 2-x

Then divide both sides by -3 and you have

y = (2-x)/3

neela | Student

x-3y = 2 is a linear equation in the Cartesian plane with a slope of 1/3 with x axisas this equation when written in slope intercept form is y = (1/3)x-2/3 making an intercept of -2/3 on y axis. The equation could be written in the form, x/2 + y/(-2/3) =1 . So the equation makes an intercept 2 on x axis and -2/3 on y axis.

From the intercepts 2 on X and -2/3 on Y axis , we mean the line cuts the  X axis at (2, 0) and y axis at (0, -2/3) , it gives us the idea that the a segment line joining (2,0) and (0, -2/3) lies in the 4th quadrant and the other two exremities  lies at 1st quadrant and the 4th quadrant.

x-3y = 2 has several solutions of ordered pairs like (0,-2/3), (2,0) and a few coordinates on the line are:

x value: -4     -1      02       05     08

y value: -2     -2      00       01     02