What is x + 2 =11?  

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I am glad that you asked this question and that is an easily solved mathematical problem since this is just a simple algebraic equation. The unknown variable here is obviously x and you are looking for the value of x when x +2 =11. Simple addition and subtraction is all you need in this equation.

To get the value of x, you subtract 2 from each side. It will give you




The value of x is 9. 

To double check you could try plugging in the value of x you got back into the equation and see if the math works. This double checking by plugging method works not only in this case but in most of algebraic question. 

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x + 2 =11

This is addition, and what is the opposite operation of addition? (Subtraction). Subtract both sides by 2 to isolate x.



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X + 2 = 11 : 

To solve this equation ,  we have to get " x " alone. In order to get " x " alone subtract 2 on both sides

By subtracting 2 on both sides , you should get

X = 9 which is your answer