Hills Like White Elephants Questions and Answers
by Ernest Hemingway

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What is wrong with the woman in Hills Like White Elephants? My teacher made us read the beginning and told us to guess what was wrong with her...so I was wating to know what was actually wrong with the woman.

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The girl (Gig) is pregnant. Although the subject is never mentioned directly, the pregnancy is at the heart of the conversation between the girl and the American. The American wants her to abort the baby, and she is unhappy with both choices in front of her: keep the baby and lose the American, or abort the baby and keep the American.

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revolution | Student

Jig (most commonly known as The Girl) had found out that she was pregnant with her lover when they were traveling in Europe after spending nights in bed together. At the time, she was sitting at the table, drinking liquor and alcoholic drinks and talking to the American, who advised her into aborting the baby that she was carrying with her.

She was facing a dilemma and a big problem to consider: to keep the baby and lose the American or to abort her precious baby and keep the American. It troubles her throughout the book.

bdmvp1 | Student

since she is a black female, she would seem to come across as timid uncertain, sort of a pushover. but she begins to see what is in her best intrest and that is to have the baby and leave this loser american guy

readingbooks17 | Student

The focus appears to be the decision to have the abortion. But this is not the 'only' thing wrong with the girl. The reader can interpret that there is a great deal of irritability between the man and woman. The girl recognizes that this crisis (the decision to have an abortion) has changed their relationship. Whether she has the abortion or not is not her greatest concern-the man's attitude and the pressure he is applying have shown her a side of his personality she has possibly not seen before, and changed their relationship forever.