What is wrong with Winston's society in 1984?

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The problems that open up the book 1984 stem from a total lack of privacy, but paradoxically a total lack of connection between people. The state, or "Big Brother" has ways of watching people on the street, in their homes, and in nearly every building and public space.

Winston also can't escape the language - though he knows it's false - of Newspeak. He can't get out from under the yoke of constant slogans meant reinforce Newspeak.

"Peace is War" and "Freedom Is Slavery" (which hearkens back to the slogan over Auschwitz, "Work Will Make You Free") are repeated on billboards, over television, between citizens as a way of greeting or connecting.

Winston is living in a nightmarish reality in which no one can really speak the truth. It is a daily struggle...

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