What is the writing style of Graham Greene?

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The phrase most often associated with Graham Greene’s writing is “moral ambiguity.” A prolific and successful writer, especially in novels and film, Greene delved into issues of conscience for a wide variety of protagonists. Many of his works consider the moral conundrums of faith, emanating from his Catholicism and doubts. Complex psychological profiles and evocative atmosphere, both carefully crafted with concrete details, also characterize his work. Writing for film affected his penchant for smoothly flowing prose, but the psychological dimensions often interject contradictory effects, as when characters engage in lengthy interior monologues.

While many of Greene’s novels were adapted into successful films, including The Power and the Glory and The End of the Affair, one of his most well-known novels actually took the other route. The Third Man was originally the screen play for the Orson Welles film, and later adapted into a novel. With its exploration of the corruption and...

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