What is the writer's attitude toward Tory Island in the following link? http://www.head-over-heels.net/europe/ireland/tory_island.html  

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The writer has a very positive attitude toward the island and wants to persuade people to visit there but tell them the truth about the potential drawbacks.

The writer begins by describing Tory Island as an “enchanted place.” 

The tiny island about 11 km off the northern coast of county Donegal and considered the most remote of all the Irish islands (at least the inhabited ones) is something special and just to start with it is ruled by the last king of Ireland.

The writer does get back to reality and mention that the boat that leads to the island can be daunting.  You can also get stuck on the island because of storms.  The government even tried to get people to leave so they could use the island as an artillery range, but even describing this the speaker is enamored with the island, saying “How could they?”

The speaker notes that even though tourism has increased since roads were built, the island has “it kept it's charm” [SIC].  As the article continues, the writer describes the island in glowing terms, but bows to reality once in a while.  For example, the king greets every visitor, but he is usually late.  The writer continues to describe the island’s “stunning beauty” and definitely recommends it.

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