What should be written about in an autobiographical essay if you don't feel you have anything special to write about?

Expert Answers
Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

No matter how young you are, if you are old enough to write, there is always plenty to write about in an autobiographical essay. You can write about when and where you were born, who your parents and other family members are, where you have attended school, what friends you have had, what activities you have enjoyed through your life so far, and much more. You can write about your favorite teachers, favorite kinds of movies, and favorite foods. If you like to read, you can write about some books you have enjoyed or books you have not enjoyed. You can write about your feelings, both what makes you happy and what makes you sad. You can also write about your goals in life, what profession(s) you are interested in, and where you would like to live someday. You can write about any place you have traveled to, even if it is just the town next to yours! You can write about your good qualities and the skills you have. You might be a faithful friend and good at fixing things around the house. When someone writes an autobiography, it does not mean everything in the autobiography is high drama. Our lives consist mostly of smaller and more ordinary details, which make up our everyday lives.