What would be your advice to Johnny and Ponyboy if they'd come to you for help instead of Dally in The Outsiders? Explain. This part is in Chapter 3 when Johnny kills Bob, who is a Soc and Cherry Valance's boyfriend.

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Assuming that I was their English teacher (I am a longtime English teacher) and the two boys came to me for help instead of heading to find Dally, I would certainly have advised them to turn themselves in to the police. I would have been happy to accompany them and help explain the situation. Since Johnny had already been assaulted himself and then saw Pony being drowned by the other Socs, his stabbing of Bob would have almost certainly been considered an act of self-defense. With the help of an attorney, the two boys would probably have been exonerated; or, at worst, Johnny would have spent a short stint in juvenile detention. Even in this case, his life would have been no worse than it was at home.

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