What would you include in a fireside chat if you were Franklin D. Roosevelt to explain why the Civilian Conservation Corps was necessary?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

President Franklin Roosevelt often spoke to the American people over the radio to keep the American people updated on what the government was doing to help end the Great Depression. He also spoke to the American people about other issues. These talks were known as fireside chats.

If President Roosevelt had spoken to the American people about the need to create the Civilian Conservation Corps, he would have emphasized several key points. He would have talked about the need to employ young people. This would keep them out of trouble and would allow them to develop skills they could use after their time in the Civilian Conservation Corps ended. These young men would also gain confidence as they took part in the program. This program would employ young men to work on conservation projects in the West for approximately six months. This would be good for these young men, for our economy, and for our conservation efforts. He would have told the American people this was a winning situation for everybody, and this program should be supported by the American people.