What would you have done it you were in Oedipus's place in Oedipus Rex? What would you have done about your children born of a tragic and disturbing marriage?

Imagining how to personally navigate Oedipus's realizations at the end of the play Oedipus Rex will depend on your own values and strengths. While it's easier to assume the consequences for murder, it is more difficult to consider blindness or abandoning one's children.

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It's hard to imagine accidentally conceiving children with your (surprisingly) biological parent, so I can understand why this prompt is difficult to think through.

First, Oedipus did vow to exile the person who had killed Laius, and then he forces Creon to exile him when he learns the truth. This seems just, showing that Oedipus does not exempt himself from his original promises. Under the circumstances, I'd hope that I could do the same and recognize my own shortcomings in facing reality and consequences. I think I could handle exile compared to some of the other measures Oedipus takes.

Could I have blinded myself? It's a great dramatic move for the play and moves the metaphor of blindness which is woven through the play into a nice sense of closure. I really don't think I have it in me to go to these lengths to symbolize my own recognition of my faults. I'd surely regret it, but I think few people have the capacity to blind themselves for a dramatic point.

The issue of the children is one worth considering. Surely they face a difficult future as the offspring of an incestuous relationship. While I can't bear the thought of leaving my children, perhaps it would be better under these unfathomable circumstances to send them to live in another location far away from Thebes to try to begin new lives where no one knows of their background. Perhaps a caretaker could be appointed for them, and hopefully a different setting would allow for a life that did not constantly remind them of their parents' tragedy.

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