What would you expect to see in a ninth grade examination essay?

Expert Answers

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Given that this has been placed in the literature group, I assum eyou are talking about an essay that has been completed as part of an assessment for English. More information would help me to answer your question more specifically. For example, what is the essay based on? Does it ask a question about a novel or a text, or is it just a general response essay?

However, let me respond as generally as I can. In my teaching context, ninth grade is when we really begin to teach essay structure in earnest. This is of course something that is continued in tenth grade. Therefore for me, I would expect to see at least the beginnings of how to structure an essay into its relevant parts and a clear thesis statement. I would also expect to see the beginnings of unity of argument, with carefully constructed middle paragraphs with topic sentences and closing sentences, each paragraph focusing on a central point. These will of course not be fully developed, but I would want to see that the students are at least trying to write a formal essay. Hope this helps!

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